Spring to it

Tailored suits & Seersucker collection for a rakish summer

This is the season of rebirth, not least for social calendars. From leisurely lawn parties to dress-code-crucial sporting soirees, spring is when diary dressing comes into play. Racecourse finery, pastel suits for the polo, Wimbledon-box blazers – it pays to plan ahead…


Wherever seasonal engagements may lead, Scabal’s tailoring service can piece together the perfect tailored suit – expertly styled and cut and crafted with techniques that make for durable, elegant and personality-laced tailoring.


The ultimate in vintage-chic, the irrepressible Seersucker collection re-energises this much-loved summer fabric. It’s woven in three cotton designs to create cool, creative and cutting-edge styles to make an impression in.

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