• Autumn Winter 2011 2012

    The fabric, the soul of tailoring, is where our expertise and heart lie. The fabrics’ origin and creation process are put in a fresh light. Twice a year, Scabal presents various new fabric collections, each one represented by a key fabric. Each key fabric will be coupled with a fictional male character whose name and accompanying short story will reflect the fabric’s nature, quality, and visual properties. In short, each fabric will get its own godfather. In this way, our fabrics will become vivid personalities, which hopefully will inspire you and will make it easier for you to grasp a fabric, to understand its technical properties and various design possibilities. For the first Autumn- Winter season, six characters will break the ice, and tell you everything you need to know about our new AW 11/12 fabric collections.

    Welcome to Mr. Explorer, Mr. Natural, Mr. Nightlife, Mr. President, Mr. Up-and-Coming and Mr. Weekend !

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