• Time to think about formal wear

    Time to visit your favorite tailor for your end-of-year outfit. Consider Scabal's formal wear offer.

    Invest in Made-To-Measure and think about wearing a bow tie on your tuxedo with a double cuff shirt. Or go for full-dress shirt, a waistcoat and a tailcoat. For hotter climates, wear a white dinner jacket.

    Festival, Mohair, Black and Fashion and The Royal are some bunches you can choose excellent Scabal fabrics from.

    Not only the bow tie can make you shine, you can go for a Diamond Chip tie made from 22 carats diamond fragments blended with pure silk and Super 150's wool.

    Wear our white gold and diamond cufflinks, exclusively available at Scabal's Flagship store in London or on our website.

    In the last Bespoken magazine, we have dedicated over 20 pages to formal wear. You can learn about its origins, what to wear and what not, celebrity tailor Leonard Logsdail, Gary Cooper and a list of events to wear your best tuxedo.

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