• Matsuzaki celebrates 100th anniversary

    Matsuzaki was founded in September 1912 in Japan and thus will celebrate their 100th anniversary. They own their own building in Yodoyabashi in the heart of Osaka and serve many business customers. Scabal is an important brand for the store and their tailored clothes.

    Matsuzaki published "A Fundamental Study of Cutting" in 1934 and "The Matsuzaki System" in 1935. These two books have been reprinted and have contributed to the tailoring industry. They can be found in the library catalog of the National Diet Library. They submitted an article on how to cut to "The Gentleman and Sartorial Art Journal" in the United States which appeared seven times. This magazine was a prestigious journal at that time and now is stored at the Library of Congress in Washington.

    Moreover, they published a specialized book entitled "Tailor" from 1933 until 1940 which is believed to have contributed to the development of the technology in the industry.

    Scabal is proud to announce that they will organize a Scabal event in September, also offering special hangers personalized with the customer's name as a gift.

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