• Tweed run

    The Tweed Run is a group bicycle ride that originated in London in 2009. The cyclists are expected to dress in the traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four (*) suits. Any bicycle is accepted but many choose a vintage bike."Style, not Speed" and "Elegance, not Exertion" are the mottos. Since it's start various rides have been held in major cities around the world.

    Recently Scabal's German customers Die Form (Oldenburg) and Kelly's (Kiel) organized a Tweed Run in Oldenburg, a city where bikes play an important part in personal transport already.

    In Scabal's bunch "Finest Jacketings" you can find the top quality, hand woven Harris Tweed (801308 > 801313).

    (*) Plus fours are trousers that extend 4 inches / 10 cms below the knee, so quite some shorter that a normal pant. They are traditionally associated with sporting attire, in particular with golf. Wear with argyle socks, silk neckties and dress shirts or sweaters.

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