• Scabal Peace Fund

    From the desk of the President :
    We are all rightly concerned about the wordwide economic and financial crisis, but that should not make us forget the misery in many other parts.

    Fortunately, there are individuals and organizations that still try to help, even though it will never be enough. For ourselves, a family company trading internationally, we must also ask: “What can we do from our side?”

    We have always been very impressed by the organization Doctors without Borders. Scabal has decided to create a special fund for Médecins sans Frontières. In all our discussions with people who work in the social area, it appears that the sine qua non for improvement is PEACE.

    Musicians, painters, writers and other artists express this in their own way. We at Scabal have created something from our own industry – a fabric woven in a Super 120’s wool with a striped design with a one-word message, ‘Peace’, that can only be seen close up.

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