• Bespoken 12, Spring Summer 2013

    In this 12th edition of Bespoken, Scabal unveils the Summer 2013 Gentlemen, meets up with a timeless icon of male elegance : Pierce Brosnan, presents new Summer bunches as Lagoon, Concerto, Triumph, Silver Cloud, Zenith, etc.

    In the special feature "From Sheep To Shop" Bespoken explains all about wool and linen, Scabal's mill in Huddersfield (UK), the creation process of fabrics, the production of personalized suits in Germany, the fresh opening of Scabal's flagship store in Brussels, the art of Istvan Csakany, the exclusive personal clothing service "Savile House" by Scabal in Paris, the Scabal Peace Fund raising money for Doctors without Borders, the new range of leather bags and pieces of the Weekend collection. Bespoken describes Psy's success with the Gangnam style and interviews Lorenzo Cifonelli, one of the worlds most famous tailors.

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