• Autumn Winter 2013-2014

    Creative flair blended with technical excellence epitomises the new Scabal collection.

    Traditional cloth qualities are updated with contemporary styling. Luxury and excellence for you.

    New fabric bunches as Just in Time, Galaxy, Triple A, Salt and Pepper, Sleek, etc will let you have a vast choice in fabrics for your new made-to-measure business suit. For jackets there is a vast choice in Shetland & Donegal, Noble Tweed, Gallery, Loch Fyne, Cashmere Corduroy and so much more.

    The range of Scabal accessories is again expanded to match with your latest outfit.

    Discover over 5000 Scabal fabrics in the Fabrics Catalogue or go to a Scabal store or one of our authorized resellers to discover the latest top qualities and styles.

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