• Presenting Mr. Style in a Donegal fabric

    Mr. Style is a globe trotting cosmopolite. His attitude to life is a confluence of classic English courtesy, South-European flair and relaxed Americana. He loves to combine rugged menswear pieces and classic tailoring with an interesting twist.

    Everything he wears needs to be smart but casual, to ease his demanding journeys. For special end-of-year trips, Mr. Style adheres to his beautiful winter jacket from the Shetland & Donegal collection. It is a traditionally woven fabric, n°801875, a pleasantly warm wool made from sheep’s finest fibers. Its plain weave, natural finish and sturdy weight give the jacket the trendy rustic look and voluminous feel Mr. Style is so fond of.

    With its subtly speckled shades of brown, this stylish country tweed can be worn on both casual and more dressed-up occasions. An original, all round choice if you want to perfect your contemporary winter look.

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