• Ultra Silk Siberia, exclusively soft

    For Scabal, winter will be as soft as cashmere, as warm as wool and as smooth as silk.

    One new fabric is all three of these things. The new and highly prestigious Ultra Silk Siberia collection features seven 430 gram fabrics in pure winter silk, which are available in seven plain colours: mustard, medium grey, light blue, denim blue, navy blue, dark brown and black. Winter silk is a unique, patented form of silk.

    Only the finest and longest Italian silk fibres are selected to create this new surprising fabric. The silk is then woven and treated with the same finishing process as flannel and cashmere, which gives it the feel and warmth of wool. The result is an incredible winter fabric with an unprecedented feel, natural warmth and unrivalled sheen. These fabrics are ideal for a bespoke winter jacket or coat. The collection is available now at selected Scabal's resellers.

    You might have recognized the picture above from our latest Bespoken magazine cover, in which you can read about Scabal's collection and even a lot more about the bespoke and made-to-measure world.

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