• Black or white tie for the end of year?

    With the end-of-year festivities in sight, it is time to think about your outfit. What better than a made-to-measure tuxedo or tailcoat?

    As Peter Marshall says "Poorly fitting rental clothes will make you look like a second-rate magician". But how to know if you go for black or white tie? Choose a tie or a bow tie? Double cuff shirt? Waistband?

    Bespoken magazine comes to the rescue as 14 pages have been written on the topic. Scabal offers many options to dress up for the occasion. From a classy suit to the most formal at royal state dinners, you will be able to find a fit that caters for your needs. Choose a fabric from the Velvets bunch or go exclusive with a Diamond Chip fabric or make your outfit festive with the Festival bunch.

    For your top outfit, check our store locator for a Scabal store or one of our resellers near you.


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