• Are You Acapulco?

      During the Golden Age of Travel there was only one...


    During the Golden Age of Travel there was only one destination for a good getaway - the naturally beautiful bay of Acapulco.

    Whitewashed haciendas, some still holding magnificent hotels, sit dotted upon the ochre hills that surround the shimmering ocean. Yet the town is perhaps best remembered for its association with some of the Jet Set’s most colourful characters.

    It was this paradise that captured the Duke of Windsor’s heart, and to where he transported his most stylish friends. It was not uncommon to witness Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Orson Welles in the same nightclub during high season.

    Scabal have taken inspiration from the timeless elegance, and endless summer of Acapulco, to create 38 designs ideal for summer jackets. Lightweight blends of cotton, linen and silk can be found in a range of colours that reflect the natural beauty of the area, and its retro charm.

    Crafted in fancy designs such as checks and stripes that craft jackets similar to those worn while sipping cocktails on brilliantly white patios, as well as open basket-weaves and melanges that mimic the stunning scenery of the area.

    So whether you want the relaxed formal look of the Rat Pack, a Cary Grant style button-down an blazer, or an Elvis-esque show stopper, with Scabal’s uniquely extensive made-to-measure service, every taste in summer jackets can be catered for.