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    Scabal is pleased to announce the release of our Autumn/Winter...

    Scabal is pleased to announce the release of our Autumn/Winter collection for 2015. Inspired by British heritage and nature, it offers a wide-range of exciting new options in cloth and clothing. 

    For fabrics we have taken inspiration from the 1970s, and this has allowed us to bring a breath of fresh air to the existing standard collections, by adding new fancy and semi-fan- cy designs, while at the same time producing an expertly balanced collection full of new classics. 

    Within the collection there are several innovations, these include the new Hercules, in which the pure wool construction has been augmented with a natural stretch ability. 

    In-line with natural demands of the season there is also an increased emphasis on outer- wear, and our Overcoatings collection offers over 40 different options with which to craft your perfect coat. 

    In finished products we are introducing a new division within our line of suits and blazers, with products being categorized as either Classic or Modern, with new and unique properties in each. Three tiers of shirts will also be introduced as Silver, Gold, and Washed distinctions. 

    There are also additions to outerwear under the Modern line; these are the short double-breasted and patch-pocketed Bridge coat, and the slim cut Blazer coat. Both are ideal for the increasingly refined shape and eclectic style of the younger professional. 

    To see more visit us in-store, and check out the lookbook here…