• Scabal Spring/Summer 2016 Fabric Collection

    This Spring / Summer 2016, Scabal presents an extraordinary grouping...

    This Spring / Summer 2016, Scabal presents an extraordinary grouping of seasonal suitings and jacketings.

    The first highlight from our array of luxurious suitings, is the new Zenith collection. This Super 180’s merino wool and cashmere blend has been woven in a 2-ply twill. The 34 articles on offer are available in pick-and-picks herringbones and shadow stripes, to name but a few.

    The next standout cloth is our Mustang collection. This powerhouse of expertly blended mohair and silk offers a cloth with a stripped-black natural finish which shows the unique interplay between these two exceptional yarns.

    For jacketings, we have rejuvenated our Mosaic collection, offering a wide range of fancy designs, with two distinct qualities – a Super 130’s twill and crisp cool wool.

    Another collection to look out for is our re-introduction of New Deluxe. One of Scabal’s most important Super 100’s qualities, it presents a rainbow range of classic plans, supplemented by many modern shades. With a firm handle and pleasing feel the prunelle weave give this cloth comfortable wearing properties a vibrantly elegant appearance and easy care.