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  • Acapulco: a new luxury blend
  • Savile Row event
  • The art of receiving, a selection of presents from BESPOKEN
  • Sneak preview Spring Summer 2009
  • Tailor's dictionary: letter F
Acapulco bunch

Fancy, casual and sportive without losing its luxury touch and high quality standard.
Acapulco is the answer to the demand for new luxury blends: like Cashmere with Linen and Silk that offers a new wearing experience.

The colour range shows natural white, beige and brown as well as pastel blue, salmon and grey. Important for the particularly fashion conscious man are butcher stripes, window checks, micro designs, plains and herringbones.

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Scabal Savile Row event

Scabal, in partnership with International Diplomatic Supplies recently hosted an event for the Diplomatic community at its flagship store in Savile Row, London.

The event attracted over 50 distinguished guests from across the globe and provided an informal opportunity to see the full range of Scabal products.

Visit the store: 12 Savile Row, Mayfair
London, W1S 3PQ

Scabal IDS event London store
The art of receiving

1 Tonia Welter
Cufflinks are key to the USB collection from designers Tonia Welter and Julia Reymann. All hand-made in Berlin, personalised bracelets and necklaces are also available. We suggest the prestigious limited edition ‘berlin’ cufflinks, made from sterling silver, with black zirconia and matt finish. Beautiful, practical connectors for your cuffs.


2 Edward Green
What could be more refined or comfortable than ‘made-to-measure’ shoes from world-renowned brand Edward Green? Esteemed since 1890 as ‘the finest shoes for the discerning few’ their customized leather lines are classic,
rather than merely fashionable. the height of refinement is ‘edinburgh eve’ – the perfect complement to your made-to-measure dinner jacket, with the shoes’ length and width cut according to the shape of your feet. Undoubtedly, your best foot forward.


3 Buben & Zorweg
Buben & Zorweg offer luxurious jewellery boxes, humidors and ‘watch winders’ that allow you to keep your time-piece in tip-top condition, with automatic movement assured, as is total personalisation, in the finest materials available. ‘Vantage’ is a handcrafted exclusive case with walnut burl wood inlays, high-gloss lacquered finish, glass window and velour black interior. net adaptor included.


Bespoken presents
Scabal Spring Summer 2009

This summer, Scabal takes us to a white studio. A vacant space, which is slowly filled with references to art and design, but also with pure nostalgia. Think Magritte and Le Corbusier.

Craftsmanship goes hand in hand with technological skills. Vegetable fibres are
used in blends with high-tech yarns. Lightness and comfort are important themes.

Scabal follows the evolution in men’s fashion and introduces a completely new model with new proportions. The fit is slimmer, the cut narrower. The sleeves are narrower with a higher pitch.

The jacket is shorter and has one vent at the back. The lapels are also narrower.
The waist is more emphasized and generally lower. The slimmer silhouettes also impact the trousers, resulting in a lowered waist band and slim-fit legs. The result is a young, sharp and modern look, designed to appeal to men, who wish to expand their selection of suits and are in search of a modern look.

Scabal SS2009 campaign picture
Scabal Tailors Dictionary
The intense satisfaction derived from the final fitting of a custom-made suit is the fruit of close co-operation between the tailor and his customer. At the heart of this teamwork : dialogue. For this reason, Bespoken and Alan Cannon Jones offer a step-by-step guide to specialist terms that allows you to clearly communicate your needs to your tailor. In this newsletter we deal with the first part of letter F.

Another name for cloth. in the tailoring trade, this is usually limited to the woven fabric selected by the customer to make the garment. More generally, fabric can be knitted, woven or of a bonded non- woven type.

The outside or ‘right side’ of the fabric that is visible when the garment is finished.

This type of cloth has a ‘pile’ or ‘nap’ and, when brushed, is smooth in one direction and rough in the other. The cloth must be cut in one direction and could be velvet, corduroy, camel hair or vicuña.

The fabric that forms the top covering of the lapel on a jacket or coat, which usually folds to the inside of the garment from the top buttonhole. The lining inside the jacket is attached to the facings. On a dinner jacket or tuxedo, the facing may be in silk.

The section of the collar between the crease and the leaf edge.

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