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The Crossover Collection

The Crossover collection straddles classic and innovative dressing, long synonymous with Scabal’s distinctive sartorial approach and updated every season. For Spring Summer 2021, the expertly calibrated combination of mix-and-match items is refreshed with uplifting seasonal textures and tones.

Crossover’s concept remains simple – create capsule wardrobes with full suits, designed to be worn as ensembles or paired across outfits. Detailed weaves share palettes with plainer fabrics, in looks that promise ‘put-together’ without the heavy lifting or risk taking.

This season, Scabal is looking to the light. Clear mid blues, elegant browns and soft greys underpin palettes punctuated with brighter flashes in windowpane checks threaded with pinks, oranges and reds. Their pared back partner pieces have also been infused with dashes of white for new season brightness.

Super 130s wool throughout makes for fabric that feels as good as it looks, satisfyingly soft and remarkably fine while assured of all the practicality that Crossover embodies. Confidence, elegance and refinement: duly accessorised just two suits will make a new wardrobe.

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