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Lightweight Tailoring

Focus on what lies ahead: summer. Throw off the load and accelerate towards a sartorially successful season with a new lightweight jacket.

As the fresh shoots of spring begin to show, with its lighter palette and brighter mood it’s time to update wardrobes with a quick seasonal refresh. The most immediate and effective strategy? Lightweight tailoring, in the form of a new spring-to-summer jacket.

The Smart Casual Look:

When easy, breezy sophistication is the idea, Scabal’s Silver Cloud is the perfect execution. A concise collection of suiting fabrics that hits the perfect balance between understated subtlety and surprising colour, Silver Cloud is constructed from 100 per cent Super 120’s wool so it feels fine, light and dry to the touch, making it a go-to for suiting in the warmer months.

The luxury Jacket:

For those occasions that call for a touch of luxury, the Nobility collection steps in on cue. In a rich blend of silk and wool this exquisite fabric boasts both extreme softness and a subtle lustre that combine to together to make the wearer stand out for only and all the right reasons.

In statement checks and vibrant plains the feel is light and summery with bases of white, cream, rich blues and soft reds with complements of browns, pinks, greens and greys making up the designs.

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