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Noble Fleece 2019_02

Noble Fleece New Edition Released

Super 200'S woven from elite fibres

At the very forefront of Scabal’s tireless pursuit of perfection is the Noble Fleece; the culmination of almost five centuries of weaving excellence. Its quality extends beyond its pioneering beyond-micronage construction, to its farm-to-fabric social responsibility. The truest representation of the Scabal ideal ever created. Woven into every strand is human achievement, deep passion and a profound partnership with Australia’s very best Merino producers. Every garment created is an investment into the very fabric of our future.

This cutting-edge collection is now 24-strong, the most complete of all Scabal’s special collections. Each piece stands not as a fashion statement but as a timeless piece; a commitment to quality. Expert spinners are used to ensure the raw materials make for the finest yarn – the Noble Fleece is spun into an incredibly fine two-ply. Others in such a fine construction would be in danger of breaking, but this first-class wool is both surprisingly strong and easy to tailor; the resulting suit has a robustness even some other Super 200s cannot match.
Classic colours feature across the collection in a combination of plains and clean herringbone designs. For ultimate sophistication, shadow weaves are also used to craft intricate patterns, invisible from afar but apparent on closer inspection. For the first time this season, there are Noble Fleece checks and shadow stripes to showcase the fine structures of this exquisite fabric.

Noble Fleece is a very special product and it is Scabal’s aim for it to continue to push boundaries in tailoring; a focus on luxury and longevity that respects animals, farmers and fabric-makers alike. As a result, gentleman are guaranteed a garment like no other.


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