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Red Carpet

Roll Out The Red Carpet

What to wear on awards night?

As awards season arrives and the flashbulbs start popping, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the supporting cast in sartorial scene-stealing. Here’s what makes an A-list ensemble:

The Tuxedo

The tuxedo still rules the eveningwear roost. Its sophistication lies in its simplicity: a single-breasted, one-buttoned, ventless jacket in jet black or midnight blue. The shawl collar is the classic, though a peaked-lapel tux jacket adds a further layer of formality.

The Velvet jacket

If you’re feeling more decadent, try a velvet jacket, but under no circumstances feel tempted to match this with velvet trousers. If the jacket is outlandish, it can be anchored by very smart, very black trousers. Meanwhile, a double-breasted suit jacket can add an air of gravitas, but be prepared to have it done up all night. A open and flapping double-breasted suit is untidy, and risks sending champagne flutes flying.

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