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Scabal & Duse magazine

Former Belgian professional and international basketball player, Duke Tshomba is the founder of Duse magazine a lifestyle and sport platform. He describes himself as a passionate individual with a touch of style. As a top sports player, for him elegance comes hand in hand with performance.

Duke recently visited our store in Brussels to create a made to measure waistcoat with our tailoring team for his appearance on the TV show 100% Sport airing on RTBF.

For him, a waistcoat is like a swiss knife: you can put it on anything and you look good.
Freshly designed for the summer season, Duse choose a fabric from our Saint Tropez collection n°852933.

As long as it is made to measure any cloth can fit a gentleman

Duke Tshomba was inspired by the world of possibilities at Scabal to create your own outfit. As a passionate person he decided to film his fitting session to highlight the backstage of the Scabal house and share is own experience

Discover in video his story divided in two part: The “first pick” and the “second round”:

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