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Spring Summer 2020

Suiting Colours

The storms are dying down and Spring is – if you look hard enough – in the air. With sun on the horizon, so too are our seasonal wardrobe updates – and for 2020, the focus at Scabal is on colour.

Catching colour
Echoing days lakeside and the skies soaring over them, blues are at the heart of Scabal’s SS20 palette. Light, clear tones move into medium hues, while petrol blue injects a peacock flourish into the season’s offering. Meanwhile, classic greys and buttery browns provide depth and solidity, banishing winter black for lighter staple colours.

Wear the season on your sleeve
Whether cerulean, slate or taupe, Scabal’s Spring Sumer Suiting slides a lighter lens onto seasonal business wear. Bringing the sun into boardrooms, or lingering over after-work get togethers, subtle stripes and statement checks see classics revisited for a new season and newer decade.

Collection Focus
Cosmopolitan’s deep chocolate suiting fabric, paired with a crisp white shirt, spins summer into Scabal’s weft and warp. Manhattan’s pin and prick design, in greys, navies and more, offers a highly refined splash of signature style amidst a mix of Super 150 wool and silk.

New Deluxe, meanwhile, adds playful pink, reds and ceremonial grey to Scabal’s best-selling range; special moments merit a little extra flare, even if the occasion is just a sunny day of flâneurship.Colour is king, and the Scabal gentleman welcomes its reign. As seasons shift, fabrics follow suit to reflect new light and lush growth. Riffs on classic tones and playful patterns signal adaptive style, and Scabal’s SS20 collections slot seamlessly into palettes both striking and understated.

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