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The Panorama Collection

Tailoring architecture

When you have teams, who travel all over the world it’s not surprising that their inspirations come from far afield. We started taking photos of interesting buildings with the idea of creating fabrics that take their inspiration from elements of the building in the picture capturing not just the building but that moment in time.

From an original list of over 100, twelve have been selected as the starting point of this limited collection. Each photograph offered a different angle to take as inspiration. From the colours, materials and shapes of the structure, to external staircases, samurai steelwork and imaginative lighting designs, all have inspired and challenged the team at Scabal and the result is a collection of uniquely interesting designs.

Presented in a specially constructed display box and delivered with a woven label showcasing  the Scabal building icon.

These twelve fabrics have been created at our own mill in Yorkshire, England. Each fabric is woven from the finest Super 120s wool with a dash of cashmere to give it a soft handfeel and an added touch of luxury.

Discover the collection in video here

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