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Wedding season is on

Love makes up for lost time with record numbers of weddings on the horizon. The big question to pop, however? What to wear.

The invitations are out, food and flowers are decided, weddings are back on. This spring and summer love is in the air once more, with nuptials aplenty planned. Our advice: sort the sartorial side of things as far ahead as possible.

Grooms, ushers and best men look sharp, the palette for a 2022 summer wedding suit ought to stay close to the classic blue and grey hues, matching the fabric and style to the theme, the florals and the location – a country barn wedding requires a very different look to a stately home or a destination wedding. As a guest, consider bringing a breath of fresh air to the ceremonies in pastel shades – balance with beautifully cut tailoring and well-chosen accessories.

Scabal favours three particular collections over wedding season: New Deluxe for its palette of pastels; Concerto, for its blue tonals in lightweight wool; and Nobility, for guests looking to stand out with a statement jacket.

One of the foundations of the Scabal fabric collections, New Deluxe is an easy-to-care-for, highly versatile collection of Prunelle weave plains in Super 100’s wool, there are more than 70 colours to choose from – this is a perfect option for the man looking to add a little texture to proceedings.

A lighter option, ideal for destination weddings where higher temperatures need to be factored in, the Concerto collection makes for well-composed statement pieces. Lightweight 240g Super 150’s wool with a twill weave is available in hues of blue, green, red and purple, and looks just as refined in plains ranging from pastel beige to classic grey.

For a more luxurious choice the Nobility collection is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to the big day. Made in England at the Scabal mill, this refined collection is not for the faint hearted but for those who want to stand out and make the right kind of impression.  The combination of silk and wool produces an exquisite fabric which combines softness with a soft lustre that makes every cloth feel special.

Will you, sir, take this suit, to love and to cherish? There really is only one answer.

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