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Winter Essentials

Three is the magic number

The three-piece suit is the pièce de résistance of men’s tailoring: a harmonious combination of jacket, trouser and waistcoat with a regal history. It was Charles II, bored of Paris influencing global fashions, who adapted a long waistcoat, to be worn with a knee-length coat and similar length shirt. And so the three-piece suit was born.

At its simplest and sharpest, all three parts are perfectly matched in colour, texture and cut – a gentleman’s most sophisticated staple. A dose of personality can be added by choosing more unexpected fabrics (Indiana Jones opted for tweed when in poised professor mode), or by mixing and matching the colour and texture of the waistcoat. At its core, though, is a versatility and sartorial sharpness that is unmatched – the unflappable appearance of numerous James Bonds has been helped by a well-put-together three-piece.

The way of the waistcoat

3plook2Whether used as a layer of subtle insulation or as a statement piece in its own right, there is waistcoat wisdom to remember.

Firstly, it should sit proudly above the drape of the suit jacket, rather than hide away under its lapels. It should fit snugly front and back and that last button must always remain unfastened.

As part of a three-piece, choose subtly different fabrics for an eye-catching look, or keep things consistent in the same cut and finish – neutral colours work best whichever the preferred route.

Scabal’s newly designed waistcoat is tailored to the body. Three new designs are on offer: a classical V shape, a shawl collar, and a notch lapel.


Discover this season’s tailoring

Fabrics in the spotlight


Made in England under the expert guidance of our highly experienced craftsmen, Tornado is a fine cloth in a medium weight of 320g. A go-to choice for stylish dress suits.


Crafted in Super 120’s Pure Wool, Cortina is the perfect cloth to warm you up as the temperature drops. Design include bold glenchecks and overchecks, as well as attention-grabbing Saxony-style motifs and pinheads.

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