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Since 1938

Scabal has provided the finest tailoring fabrics to tailors and garment makers internationally. Scabal’s cloth is woven from the finest materials at its heritage mill in England.


  • Otto Hertz
  • The Mill
  • Tailoring Workshop
  • Dali
  • Savile Row
  • Hollywood
  • Bunches Creation
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    Otto Hertz and the Thissens

    Scabal as we know today, was founded by Otto Hertz in 1938. Mr. Hertz would bring international tailors together. By 1970, Scabal had grown into an international company with many employees throughout Europe. J.P. Thissen, Otto Hertz most valued associate, was appointed to lead the company. Scabal today is led by his son Gregor Thissen, Executive Chairman, and Stefano Rivera, who joined in 2013 as CEO.

    Family Spirit

    While Scabal is firmly a family business when it comes to ownership, the family spirit also extends to the company’s employees, working environment and product offering, with the finest example of this being the Scabal Noble Wool Club.

  • scabal-heritage-huddersfield-cloth-weaving

    Our Mill

    Scabal’s heritage English mill located in Huddersfield, the home of traditional English cloth making, has existed since the 16th century. A large majority of our collections are still woven here. As with many Yorkshire mills, the area’s soft water gives the cloths a recognizable fine finish.

    Art & Scabal

    At Scabal we weave 80 years of passion directly into our collections, and we believe our customers can recognise the efforts of such devotion. Our teams of dedicated designers and master weavers work tirelessly to ensure that Scabal stays at the cutting edge of innovation, while staying true to our heritage.

  • scabal-tailor-made-to-measure-handmade-suit

    The tailoring workshop

    Scabal added a new dimension to the company in 1989, by bringing the services of an atelier workshop that had been crafting made-to-measure menswear since 1937 into the core of the company. Thereafter Scabal would offer its own made- to-measure service, giving limitless potential for the customer to create their perfect garment using quality fabric made in England.

    A Passion for tailoring

    Scabal’s reputation in tailoring has long been built on crafting garments that exceed expectation. Well-trained tailors and seamstresses form a central pillar of this strategy, which is why we continue investment in personal development and technology.

  • heritage-brand-dali-scabal

    The collaboration with Dali

    Scabal collaborated with Salvador Dali, when the surrealist master created a series of exclusive paintings for the company. These 12 artworks depicted the artist’s unique vision of how fine tailored clothing would have evolved into the 21st century. They remain treasured at Scabal, resting today within the company’s vaults.

    Creativity and Vision

    Throughout Scabal’s illustrious history we have been experimenting with techniques, technology and materials in weaving, seeking to push the boundaries whenever we can. The culmination of these efforts are embodied in our Special Editions and finest cloth collections.

  • scabal-heritage-savile-row

    The Legendary Savile Row

    The decision was taken to establish itself at the centre of the sartorial universe, on London’s legendary Savile Row. A new store was purposefully built at No.12; the number we can still be found at today. From this central London location, at the core of our heritage, we continue to outfit gentlemen in both traditional and modern style tailored suits.

    Tradition and Modernity

    From our Yorkshire mill and our flagship store in Savile Row, we remain true to our traditional values while continuing to create modern tailored garments.

  • scabal-hollywood-heritage

    Scabal and Hollywood

    Scabal’s reputation was such that producers began to directly commission our cloths to dress some of the most iconic characters in Hollywood and Broadway. Vito Corleone’s famous tuxedo, as worn by Marlon Brando in The Godfather, and almost every one of Robert DeNiro’s iconic 70 suits in Casino, were made with the assistance of Scabal.

    Loyalty to our Customers

    It is the many loyal customers, located around the world, that make Scabal what it is today. That is why everything we create is made with them at the front of our minds.

  • scabal-fabric-innovation

    Brilliant Bunches and Superfine Wools

    Scabal always seeks to innovate. This is why the company was the first to create the bunch book and pioneered the fine fabrics that broke the Super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s and 180’s barriers. In its use of superfine wool from heritage family farms, Scabal is leading fabric innovation by combining traditional techniques and materials with modern technology for future generations to enjoy.


    By joining traditional craftsmanship and artisan techniques with modern technology, Scabal continues to innovate in creating modern fabrics that are not only pleasing to the eye, but provide cloths that are comfortable when tailored.

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