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Cold Weather Classic

The Lomond 4

As we enter pre-Spring – a short, sharp moment between seasons, brighter mornings but still decidedly frosty. With pedigree heritage comes a wealth of experience; Scabal’s mills, tailors and designers have weathered their fair share of seasons, and that makes for an authoritative take on dressing through the colder months.

Ever prepared
Enter the Lomond 4. For Spring Summer 2021, this year-round mac is fashioned for flexibility with built-in intuitive temperature control. A cupro lining, padded for warmth and detachable for less inclement weather, meets a range of technical fabrics providing protection from wind as well as rain. A stylish and practical go-to, no matter the forecast.

Hot and cold
Hydrophilic membranes keep the wearer dry, retaining the warmth even in the most inclement weather. Lomond 4’s breathable materials are available exclusively as part of Scabal’s Made to Measure collection, meaning every Lomond 4 can be tailored especially to its wearer.

Controlled cool
Adjustable buttons on the cuffs, and a detachable chin strap stored in a dedicated and discrete inner pocket, make for a jacket which is built for fit and flexible enough to meet all that is required of it.

All in one, and truly one for all, the understated exterior of Lomond 4 belies generations of expertise at work: a garment as effortlessly practical as it is elegant. Walk between seasons in the height of technical precision and heritage British tailoring: at Scabal we work hard to make the gentleman’s life a breeze.

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