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The Guide to Cloth: a collaboration with The Permanent Style

At Scabal, we specialise in cloth. Since 1938 we’ve provided cut-above fabrics to tailors and garment makers across the world, weaving the finest materials at our heritage mill in england. As such, we think it’s usually best to let our products do the talking – which is where Simon Crompton comes in. As renowned as he is respected, menswear journalist Simon has crafted his Permanent Style site into a serious sartorial authority, so who better to team up with to create the comprehensive guide to cloth?

As we create the material, Simon tells the story in all its deserving detail. Browse the first few guides now, and do come back for more in the near future – this is the well-groomed gentleman’s go-to…

The basics of selecting cloth

What is it for? How cloth is made? What are its properties? What do I do with it?

Luxury English cloth for made-to-measure tailored suits

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The guide to jacketings

What makes a cloth suitable for a jacket, but not for a suit.


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The guide to worsted suitings

How to choose your fabric according to composition and construction.

Fine English cloth for tailoring services

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The A-Z of cloth

A glossary of cloth-related terms, covering everything from different animal fibres and their properties, to the various stages of spinning and finishing.

Retro inspired fabric for modern suits

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