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Bliss 853052

Luxurious jacket collection

The Scabal Bliss collection is so called for good reason: these luxurious jacket fabrics are all-but-guaranteed to instil a state of serene inner happiness in the wearer almost instantly.

Constructed from 100% worsted cashmere, the Bliss collection is designed to create statement jackets of the finest quality. Head turning designs range from striking checks through to vibrant 4on4 pepita weaves. A wide spectrum of colours covers the vibrant patterned designs and within the range of plains too, where vivid blues, greens, mustards, brown, greys and reds feature throughout.

As can be expected from 100% cashmere, the fabric in this collection is incredibly soft but at weights of 270 & 290gm it retains a robust feel – a cloth created to withstand the challenges of the colder months. Bliss is a collection that is made to be worn not just admired.

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