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Our Tailoring Collection

The Black Line

“If clothes maketh the man, then it’s a tailored suit that maketh the gentleman”.

It’s the ultimate expression of individualism – cut, fabric, accoutrements; a made-to-measure suit should reflect not just the wearer’s physique but his personality, too. At its core is true artistry – in the cloth that’s made and in the hands that craft it into garments – that is ever more important in a world of instant gratification and pre-made choices.

In its stores (and those of its official partners) Scabal prides itself on a made-to-measure service that really is a cut above. Gentlemen are treated to the highest quality service from a master in measurement to ensure the very best fit. Our experts will guide you step-by-step through the process: from the first stitch to the final fitting, it will be completely custom made for you.

Now working with more than 5,000 unique fabrics, presenting around 200 different personalisation options and adhering to 50 exact measurements, Scabal can confidently claim to craft the perfect made-to-measure suit – with every aspect guided by and fitted to its recipient.

The Black Line

Luxury collection Black Line is raising the bar; a handmade line for those who demand understated perfection in their tailoring. Crafted from the finest fabrics and luxurious linings, and offering ever more options for personalisation, Black Line’s signature cut, The Clevedon, has a softer shoulder, slim lapel and a classily contemporary full canvas construction. Rich details to look out for include genuine horn buttons and handmade buttonholes, sartorial waistband finishing, handmade chest pockets, a hand-finished sleeve, undercollar and underflap and a hand-finished jacket hem. Which produces a suit of true quality that looks unique, fits perfectly and lasts for years. A true investment piece worthy of your time and attention.

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