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Spring Suiting

As days become lighter, so do the fabrics which carry us through them; suiting for spring is a delicate balance, hinging on material excellence. Hardworking weaves define the seasonal bid for effortless elegance, and at Scabal we are pleased to offer two new collections which work that versality into their very surface. Both made of superfine merino wool, Cosmopolitan and Image each span traditional tones of blues and greys for business – as well as refined joyfulness in checks, micro-designs and bolder hues.

The Image Collection

Image is enriched by its Prunelle construction, imparting durability along with modern drape – and the softest of textures, feather-light at 60 gm. Lending itself particularly well to striped designs, Image also incorporates glen checks and shadow weaves to add depth and interest to plain as well as patterned fabrics. Understated detailing is cast on fresh ground by our master weavers, paving new paths by incorporating intricate designs into the Prunelle twill; here, contemporary construction meets traditional palettes for a timeless collection.

The Cosmopolitan Collection

At 230gm, Cosmopolitan’s Superfine Merino wool is deceptively breathable. Woven with myriad patterns, the expansive collection encompasses designs from narrow pinstripe to bold two-tone configurations in office-appropriate hues as well as striking flashes of brighter tones. Combining sizzling turquoise-and-orange or contrasting navy-and-russet, the collection’s unique Changant story draws rich tones into conversation with Cosmopolitan’s exquisite material quality. Fabrics which seem to change colour beneath our very gaze shimmer and shift under the season’s new light; more to Cosmopolitan than meets the eye.

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