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Summer Suiting Fabrics

Two collections, one season

When all is said and done, Scabal’s first love is fabric – and with summer in the air, we look to material for inspiration and smart twists on time-tested formulas. Releasing two new suiting collections for the season, there’s one less reason to dread your return to a hot stuffy office; Manhattan, along with Mohair & Silk, combine tactile luxury with breathability for a comfortable but elegant look.



Made for the city streets which inspired it, Manhattan offers refined finesse in plain weaves as well as checks. The new collection uses Super 150s wool with a dash of silk, drawing discrete stylishness into conversation with hard-working material. Lightweight, and embodying the classic-with-a-twist of its namesake metropolis, the lustre of Manhattan’s silken secret is complemented by robustness without adding unnecessary weight. Weaving pin-prick detailing into formal blues, rich browns and business greys, the depth of colour and texture is matched by the fabric’s physical versatility.

Mohair & Silk

The last word in understated luxury, this range is crafted with the fabric connoisseur in mind. Here, plains are anything but; soft pastels evoke sun-drenched days, while classic beiges, blues and browns lend a familiar nostalgia to the collection’s deliciously blurred edges. From a base of exquisite wool, silk imbues luminosity while mohair delivers buttery softness and subtle depth to the fabric’s very surface. With plenty to offer those keen on colour, as well as gentlemen who prefer to let substance speak louder than style, Mohair & Silk delivers all the simplicity and elegance its name suggests.

In lightweight Manhattan or opulent Mohair & Silk, Scabal’s commitment to exceptional summer suiting is clear. We know that compromising on style is not an option for our clients, regardless of whether their business is conducted digitally or in person and the new season’s releases ensure that sartorial sacrifices don’t loom over summer horizons.

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