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The Tran-seasonal Bomber

The weather isn’t an issue when you’re well prepared for any eventuality, and Scabal’s Warwick bomber jacket is a Spring-ready staple.

The wind, the rain, the changeable temperatures – these days the weather is making front page news more than anyone would like, but when it comes to annual season changes, we all know what to expect. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, with Scabal’s purpose-built bomber jacket.

Available in a choice of models and cloths including technical performance fabrics and a wide selection from the Amalfi, Galaxy or Rhapsody collections the Warwick can be made to measure to create unique garments suited to a wide variety of tastes and needs.

For a more Sartorial feel, select the Warwick 2, the bomber features a soft rib on the base and cuffs for extra comfort and a double zip. For a more sporty look, select the Warwick 4 with its flap pockets and buttoned cuffs and elastic base border, ideal to be combined with one of the seasons soft jacketing fabrics.

This jacket is worthy of style headlines anywhere, make your outfit outshine the weather.

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