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Mr. Scabal in Seoul Painting collection No.02

When Fashion Meets Art

Seungwon Hong & Scabal

Seungwon Hong is a contemporary digital painter and illustrator living in Seoul, Korea.
He is inspired by men’s fashion, impressionism paintings, and people with style. He works in digital painting using a tablet and photoshop, his works have been published in multiple art magazines and he has exhibited several times at shows and art exhibitions in Seoul.


Initially, Seungwon Hong was inspired by the journey of the Scabal’s gentleman traveller. He reinterpreted some of the pictures from our Spring Summer 2020 collection adding his artistic touch. and the result is breathtaking.

To compliment these images Seungwon Hong created some fun illustrations playing on the connection between Scabal and our favourite animal – the sheep, a core element in most of our collections.

In the last image, Seungwon Hong created a self-portrait where is dressed by Scabal enjoying a summer lunch in Seoul.

Click here to discover more about him and his work: website & Instagram

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