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The Made-to-measure experience

A tailoring experience with Scabal starts with selecting the finest fabrics, choosing the style and cut and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted exactly to your measurements and personalised details inside and out. Scabal has a genuine dedication to craft, personalisation and heritage that is woven into every aspect of its collections.

Autumn Winter 2020

Across a trio of colourways, Scabal expands its made-to-measure offering to unprecedented heights and new depths of detail. Suits for when business calls and casual jackets for layering, sets attuned to travel and personalised overcoats, the season brings to the fore soft tailoring and unconstructed design.

Face the new season

with style

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It’s of the utmost importance that a winter wardrobe is properly constructed. Classic suitings come into their own at this time of year – bolder and sturdier with elegant warmer fabrics. This season, colours are rooted in the traditional palette of blues, greys, browns and black is decidedly back.

Modern Tailoring

Face to face or screen to screen suits


With pieces designed to work in harmony, find the perfect outfit for your daily needs. The Hybrid concept focuses on the flexibility demanded by modern life to easily give you the possibility to create different looks for home or office: fabrics are designed in pairs, select two suits and then mix them to create 4 combinations. If you then combine them with different shirts or knitwear pieces your styling opportunities are endless.


The British Look

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This season, our British Country colourway offers smudgy browns and deep russets, combining natural tones with an expert eye on classic tweeds and woollen weaves. When made to measure, the Soho jacket can be adapted with characterful leather collar and elbow patches. Mix it with corduroy trousers in neutral tones to prove the last word in weekend wear to the countryside.


for colder days


Unconstructed and unlined for easy layering, outerwear this season exemplifies adaptability. Choose between the Nelson, a traditional peacoat ideal for a relaxed casual wear and designed for city life or the Leeds coat perfect as a smart business overcoat or smarter weekend look. Make it your own with the Scabal made to measure option.


This season Scabal have produced a selection of outerwear fabrics that are exclusive to our made to measure collections. These have been designed to give you the opportunity to create unique garments.




A much-anticipated new edition of Scabal’s Eton collection sees the hugely popular Super 130s wool expanded to more than ninety fabrics with a wide choice of designs and colours – initiates and aficionados alike will encounter plenty of options to make Scabal’s signature their own and to create the perfect year-round suit.

Urban Gentleman

functional comfort


Stanfield is a casual jacket with a twist. The addition of a detachable internal waistcoat adds interest and style. The front closure gives the impression of a gilet but with the added flexibility of being quickly unbuttoned to reveal a regular jacket. Slender fit designed to be worn close to the body. Choose the fit, finish and colour for a personalised jacket perfect for completing your look in any season.

Formal elegance

Scabal always delivers


Formal functions, prestigious galas, evening weddings, society soirées. Be it a classic tuxedo, a traditional morning suit or a piqué-detailed shirt, every elegant eveningwear outfit or accoutrement is available, crafted, naturally, from the highest quality materials, and tailored to every customer’s individual needs.


make a statement


Whether it’s your big day or whether you want to cut a dash at someone else’s, Scabal specialises in the exceptional. With deft craftsmanship, unique personalisation and a renowned history, sartorial satisfaction can be guaranteed.


Your final touch


In addition to custom shirts and outerwear, Scabal also stocks a range of accessories to complete the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Luxurious cashmere and vicuna scarves, gem-encrusted cuff links, the finest leather belts, there are items to complete every look.


Built around you


Personalising a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suit made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.

The World's Finest Fabrics


At Scabal everything begins with cloth, which is why we offer our made-to-measure suit customers the finest selection, with many woven at our English mill. Wool, pure linen, cashmere and rare silks are only a few of the choices available.

Discover our cloths

the making of

A sartorial experience


Scabal have long been proud of their dedication to skill and craftsmanship. We work with our hands, to turn a raw material into a product of distinction. The process is an artform, because for us, it’s only a true craftsman who possesses the passion, the talent, and the touch to create something exquisite. From wool, we fashion high-grade garments for the modern gentleman. We believe you can’t create the unique without care, creativity and genuine craft.

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At Scabal, you can either make an appointment at you nearest Scabal Club, or request a visit from our tailoring consultants.


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