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Escape 802826

British Gentleman

It’s hard to put one’s finger on what makes a British gentleman. From his posture to his particularities, and from his conversation to his aloof idiosyncrasies, it’s a category much aspired to and seldom obtained.

A special something
Enter Escape. For the winter season, Scabal’s latest fabric collection sees classic colours threaded through with contemporary flashes. Mustard on camel, royal blue on soft brown; greens and reds play over deep greys, in glenchecks and window pane patterns.

Sleek silhouettes
While the collection offers scope for inimitable refinement as well as playful eccentricity, the Kenton jacket is its natural framework in either incarnation. Although its super lightweight and unlined pair it with a soft cashmere knit to be Winter ready or add leather elbow patches for a nod to old-school convention amongst the unmistakably modern milieu.

Head to toe
Escape’s versatility makes it ideal to mix with textured trousers. Soft and tactile, the Scabal corduroy offering is designed to be exemplary of the fabric’s classic appeal. Neutral colours make the trousers simple to pair with other pieces, producing ensembles which define relaxed refinement – a British gentleman’s true mother tongue.

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