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Spring Business Essentials

Business Essentials

Work it

Men’s office wear has long been bound by certain sartorial rules. For instance, the accepted wisdom is that for everyday options, wool (or a wool blend) will allow all-year-round wear and durability; a two-button jacket gives the most flattering shape. But, while presentation is still key and fine fabrics important, these rules have relaxed. Twists, updates and injections of personality are more welcome in the modern workplace.

Colouring in

For a workwear colour palette, as with most things in life, success lies in simplicity. Navy blue and charcoal grey are the most timeless and versatile choices; dark hues help hide wear and tear and are easily twinned with a spectrum of complementary colours. Lighter mid-tones work well to give a tonal shift in spring and summer. Twinning light and dark jackets and trousers makes for a slightly more relaxed, casual look.


The finer details

Individuality and business wear are not mutually exclusive; at least not anymore. Simple refinements to the suit-and-tie staple can inject modernity and personality. On colder days, wearing a neutral-hued polo neck under a suit is both practical and stylishly different. During summer months, opt for a good-quality cotton crew-neck t-shirt and crisp white sneakers as suit pairings. Even just dispensing with the tie softens the look a little – go open-necked for casual simplicity, or keep a fine white shirt buttoned up to the neck for a modish look.


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