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What to wear to a Winter Wedding?

Weddings are a law unto themselves – especially when it comes to dressing the part. Whether it’s a relaxed affair or strictly formal, sartorial decisions can feel like they’re being made for you when dress codes accompany invites and convention demands to be adhered to (or flouted, of course).


As it happens, we’re well-practiced at walking the tightrope between last-word and first-dance. As dark evenings close in, and cold temperatures look poised to interfere with outfit choices, it’s hard to argue with a classic tuxedo. The epitome of Black Tie elegance, we pride ourselves on offering definitive chic from head to toe – perfect for groom and guest alike.



If Black Tie isn’t the order of the day, sumptuous velvet provides a sophisticated alternative. While every man’s wardrobe ought to hold at least one velvet piece, those out on the town more regularly might decide to invest in more options. Luckily, Scabal’s new collection provides excuses to toe the line in style – or, to launch out in something a little more eye catching. With a palette encompassing bright orange and vivid red, deep violets and moss greens, burgundies and ocean blues, the launch likewise encompasses classic navies, greys and blacks. Satisfyingly heavy at 470g, and supernaturally soft with a cotton-modal blend, our velvets run the gamut from timeless to stand-out. All that’s left is for you to choose where you fall on that spectrum.



With the party season just around the corner, Scabal’s latest collection arrives in the nick of time and with festivity sewn into its seams. Get ahead of this year’s impending stack of gold-edged invitations: Festival is built to put the ‘special’ in Special Occasion. Super 130’s wool highlighted with lurex thread, printed velvets, opulent jacquards and Doppione silks in a classic evening palette of midnight, black, deep purples and charcoal greys combine for style that doesn’t compromise on substance.


For wall flowers and scene stealers, and from glorious peacocks to sleek stallions, our winter occasion-wear fills a closet with the material to answer anything asked of it. Whether dressing up for your big day or simply bringing the party in your outfit, make an appointment with our expert team by clicking here.

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