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British Summer

What’s more British than red, white and blue? More American? More French? The tricolor is a decidedly international colour combination and for good reason. Two primary colours and a dash of light make simple magic on most any canvas.

Stars, Stripes and Sicily
In the spirit of European openness, this year’s red, white and blue is pulled from Sicily’s most beautiful resort. Taormina gives its name to a collection of fabrics spanning wool, silk, linen and cotton, woven with warm weather in mind as well as continental elegance.

Three colours, a hundred iterations
In two regatta blazers, Taormina riffs on the classic trio. One sees a warm red base shot through with creamy white, while the navy option stages fiery striations over a midnight sky’s blue, each criss-crossing in delicate checks.

Scabal is calling Stateside via Sicily, with a detour through the punting rivers of Oxbridge and a sejour beneath the Arc de Triomphe. Sailing into British summer, sunny statements are there for the making. The world, as they say, is your huître.

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