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A Gentleman’s Guide to Winter Suits

How To Keep Looking Stylish And Staying Warm All Winter Long

Be it for business or pleasure, men’s suits need to be at their durable and adaptable best to work in autumn and winter. The modern gentleman’s lifestyle demands garments that combine comfort and wearability and this is all down to your fabric choice.

The Flannel Winter Suits

For centuries, flannel has been used to make clansmen’s kilts, and no wonder. Warm, comfortable and durable in the face of harsh Highlands weather, it’s the fitting choice. Flannel has recently reinvested itself and made its way in gentleman winter wardrobes. Luxurious yet durable, it is a key choice for winter.

The Flannel and Saxony Collection

Flannel and Saxony is ideal for such designs, crafted from worsted flannels with a milled finish and a sizeable colour palette. The Super 100’s woollen flannel offers a sizeable colour palette and the Saxony designs can be found in the Super 130’s worsted flannel. Traditional designs such as pin stripes and soft glenchecks are featured in the Super 120’s worsted flannel. While classic melange greys, blues and black plains have their place in the Super 100’S and Super 120’S worsted flannel.

Traditionally British Suits

There is something about the cold-weather months that invites a dose of traditional British extravagance too. Those bolder graphic patterns and checks work particularly well on heavier winter fabrics, from classic pin stripes to soft glenchecks. For these classic winter suits, the shapely heavier fabrics make for easier tailoring.

The Tornado Collection

The ever-reliable Tornado collection makes sophistication a breeze. Sturdy enough to withstand the gustiest conditions but fashioned in England from a fine medium-weight cloth, Tornado is the easy-to-tailor go-to for stylish dress suits. Grounded in a classic palette of greys and blues, with some modern brown highlights, the Tornado range also includes a collection of jacquard-inspired stripes, multicolour stripes, graphic checks, soft glenchecks, micro geometric patterns and micro herringbones.

Sophisticated Business Suits

For the very smartest winter office attire, the refined and reliable Super 120’s wool and cashmere are de rigueur.

The Triple A Collection

Expertly woven from a luxurious blend of Super 120’s wool and cashmere in a 2ply twill for exquisite softness, Triple-A is as smart to wear as it is easy to tailor. This cultured collection comes in 49 designs – sophisticated stripes, metropolitan microdesigns, cool graphic checks – all in a range of complimentary blues, blacks and melanges.

Stretch Performance Suits

When switching up your winter wardrobe, make sure you have a suit which delivers ultimate comfort and wearability. It needs to offer protection from the cold, but also from creases to keep you looking sharp all day long.

The Pulse Collection

The Pulse collection is the beating heart of Scabal’s tailoring innovation. The 100% wool, twill-based 280g collection of 39 designs focuses on a more modern look. Pulse adds a tailored stretch to its structures and offers a series of micro effects and false plains to reward a detail-focused eye.

High Grade Super Wool Suits

If you value exquisite quality and comfort more than fleeting fashion trends, pick a winter suit from a high-grade Super wool in classic shades. Providing you with contemporary simplicity and sophistication, they are ideal for gentlemen of stature which require diplomatic style to smooth boardroom negotiations.

The Miracle Collection

Made from 100% Super 180’s wool, the Miracle collection has been hand-crafted in England using a 4ply, twill-based construction at a weighty 300g. The result is an easy-to-tailor range of 33 designs ideal for making light work of heavy winter weather.

A preparation for unforgiving weather is just part of SCABAL’s English heritage; its passion for cloth and commitment to world-class weaving makes for superior suits all year round.

The complete range of SCABAL fabrics is available to browse and order online.

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