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The Linen Jacket

Summer Lightness

Beyond the formalities of the office comes the opportunity to loosen collars, try new styles and lean in to off-duty fashion. That’s a category framed by two primary requirements – cool (in more ways than one) and versatile (there’s nothing like travelling light).

Wardrobe Staple

With those provisos in mind, we are pleased to present the definitive summer garment, our new linen jacket. Linen jackets are the unanimously agreed summer staple; combining breezy fabric with earth tones and crisp seams with soft pleats, a statement vision which is hard to exceed in comfort or elegance. With handy pockets, can be softened in a second with a roll of the sleeves. Linen itself is built for the heat of summer; moisture wicking, breathable and lightweight, the material is ideal for navigating balmy days and light nights.

This permanent fabric collection contains a wealth of colours from soft pastels through to earthy tones of brown and green.  Combine it with a soft unconstructed jacket like the Scabal Kenton Model to create an adaptable look that can take you from day to night with ease.

Salt, Sea, Scabal

Whether it’s a long weekend in a countryside getaway or days by the sea, the summer we are all dreaming of hinges on a simple garment.

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