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Hybrid 705327 - 705328

Hybrid Half-and-half

While there’s nothing like a head-to-toe ensemble to make one feel put together, the freedom to find fresh combinations is one of life’s great pleasures. Scabal’s Hybrid collection offers the best of both worlds: flexibility, and the assurance of outfits ringing crisp and clear as a bell.

Double up

Take two suits (or four, or six). Think of them as your capsule wardrobe: wear top-down for classic coordination, or mix that jacket with those trousers. After all, you’re in good hands; Scabal’s master stylists have developed the range to hit hard with any number of configurations – each pair includes a refined pattern weave and a plain base in the same palette, which means no more finger crossing or fashion faux-pas.

Confident combinations

Building on the success of our Crossover collection, Hybrid brings the same formula to dressing for cooler months in Super 130s wool. Favourite iterations can be combined with tailored shirts or luxurious knitwear for even more personalisation, in perfect step with modern life’s furious foxtrot.

Bring stylish simplicity to autumn-winter dressing, just as simply as 1+1 = 4. Run those numbers again, and take Hybrid as a case in point.

Discover the collection in video:

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