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Vicuña suitings

The story behind Vicuña:

Vicuña: a fabric worthy of the Incan gods. It is said that for the Sun King himself, thousands of local tribesmen in ancient Peru would link hands, surround the finest specimens of vicuña and herd them into humane traps to shear their golden fleeces as offerings. This same sensitive practice – from the ceremonial chacu – is still used today.

The new vicuña suiting collection:

This season, Scabal is proud to present its jewel-in-the-crown Vicuna Suiting collection.  An exclusive collection of 11 exquisite fabrics. For those seeking an added touch of artistry and colour, this exclusive collection contains subtle striped designs alongside a selection of beautifully crafted classic suiting plains.

Why this fabric is so covetable?

It’s all in the incredibly fine hairs of the vicuña’s coat – finer even than cashmere. Each hair is covered in tiny interlocking scales which trap air, making for an ultra-lightweight yet insulating fabric which is luxurious to the touch.
Such a fine material was an obvious choice for scarves and accessories but to become a cloth suitable for tailoring took tireless commitment and innovation. That only one in every hundred of the fibres available can be combed in the special way Scabal requires before they can be woven is testament to its exclusive – and rare – nature.

Thanks to Scabal’s endeavour and creativity, this rarefied fabric is no longer the reserve of deities, but the very finest addition to a sartorially-savvy gentleman’s wardrobe.

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