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Website template - 4 fabric swatches

Warming reds

Stand taller as the shadows grow longer, with a bright and beautiful new suit to turn heads in.

As the evenings draw in, stand out in the dwindling light with a splash of bright colour. Create a suit to be noticed in that will see you through that magical day-to-night transition. First select an unexpected fabric, such as a corduroy in a deep rich colour, and add a lining that either compliments or contrasts to add another twist. Finally, pair it with a luxury cashmere knit for a considered and complete look. Style perfection.

Pegasus is a new addition to the Scabal travel collections alongside Fit, Dynamic & Turbo Travel. A practical collection of suiting fabrics designed for the colder months, in a variety of classic autumnal colours.  The 290gm weight adds the robustness required for a suit that needs to withstand the challenges of winter but the added stretch and the finest yarns create a very soft finish so your comfort is guaranteed.

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